22 October

Using the Web as a Platform

Written by  Aniz Studio

In Web 2.0, the Internet is not just an add-on on the PC, but it is the platform for a business. Using the Internet, software can be provided as a continually updated service, and businesses can focus on the long tails of customer demand. Further, successful Web 2.0 sites make use of users' resources.

One of the most important pillars of Web 2.0 is the Web as a platform. Although Web 2.0 is more than aesthetics and functionality, both have played an important role in the identity.

For companies operating in the digital world, online collaboration with suppliers, business partners, and customers is crucial to being successful. To enable seamless collaboration, organizations need to allow outsiders access to their data, typically using the Internet. However, the Internet was originally designed to enable human to computer interaction, with Web pages being a collection of text that hyperlinked to other Web pages.

Today, Web services are one of the critical components of sharing data. A web service can offer several benefits for organizations, including:

  1. Utilizing the existing Internt infrastructure
  2. Accessing remote or local data without having to know the complexities of this access.
  3. Creating unique and dynamic applications quickly and easily.


Credit: Joe Valacich & Christoph Schneider, Information Systems Today


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